At Retreat Farm, we recognize that nature-based programs are important experiences for all children. Young Farmer Camp is a place to learn, grow, meet friends, and have fun in the outdoors! We want as many kids as possible to have the opportunity to attend our camps. However, we also know that the cost of camp can be a burden for some families.

This year, in order to serve more families, we are offering partial scholarships for a week of camp. Scholarships are provided per family per season and not guaranteed to every applicant. Applications are required for each child, including multi-children families. Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis to eligible families who receive EBT, Medicaid, and Reduced/Free School Lunch letter or card holders. 

Camp is open to children ages 5 - 11 years old and runs from 9am to 3:30pm, Monday thru Friday. Children age 5, who have not completed Kindergarten are invited to enroll in a half day of camp from 9am-1pm. For more camp details click here.


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Select the age of your child. Please note that we can only offer a half day of camp to children who have not completed kindergarten.
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This raffle is a part of Retreat Farm's Open Barn program which program provides reduced admission for EBT, Medicaid, and Reduced/Free School Lunch letter or cardholders. Please indicate your eligibility by selecting one of the checkboxes below.
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