We Are open!

our Hours are 10-4 wednesday - Sunday through october

THE BARN IS open holiday mondays, 9/4 and 10/9

For more information call 802 579-1327                       

Join us at our new education center in the Calf Barn and visit a variety of Farm Animals. Check out our Shop and hang out in the children’s Play Area.

Come back later in the summer as we open the rest of the Children’s Farm and Forest! 

Meet the stars of the show!


The largest cow is named Carlos, and he weighs around 2,000 pounds! We also have two younger cows, named Valentine and Beau-Vine. Females are called heifers, males are called bulls, babies and called calves, and fixed bulls are called oxen or steers. Cows eat hay, grass, and some grain, and can be used for pulling plows or wagons, and producing milk and meat.


Did you know that in the 1800’s there were more sheep in Vermont than people? That’s because they’re very useful animals. Sheep produce milk, meat, and wool which can be made into clothing. Males are called rams, females are called ewes, and young sheep are called lambs.


Female chickens, called hens, lay eggs. If the eggs are fertilized and kept warm, they will hatch in just three weeks. Chicks eat grain, and grow to  full size in about 6 months. Chickens are used for their eggs and their meat. The chicks we have are called Buff Orpingtons.


We have two female donkeys, sometimes called jennys, named Sassy and Tilly. Donkeys are used all around the world for many jobs, despite their small size. They can carry people on their backs, pull carts or plows, and they can even be used to guard flocks of sheep or goats.


Goats are some of the most friendly and curious farm animals. Despite what you might think, goats are actually very picky eaters, and they make sure to only eat the best hay, grass, and grain. The two mama goats, called does, are named Pia and Hazelnut. The five babies, called kids, are named Spots, Socks, Hatchet, Pip, and Piper. Goats are used to produce meat and milk, which is often made into cheese.


Rabbits are often kept as pets, but can also be raised on farms for meat and fiber. Maple and Ash are angora rabbits which means their fur is very long and soft and can be used to make clothing. Just like goats, females are called does, and males are called bucks. They eat grain and hay, but also love fruits and vegetables.

Coming soon..

The Piggery overlooking the Calf Barn will serve as our expansive outdoor campus, featuring a children’s garden, animals on pasture, a pollinator garden, and a new nature trail through the surrounding forest.

Workshops & Intergenerational Family Programs will provide in-depth opportunities to learn
about gardening, animal husbandry, pasture management, cheese-making, ice cream-making,
 plant identification and forest ecology, nature- and farm-based crafts, & the history of Retreat Farm

Outdoor Play & Adventure areas designed for a range of ages

Volunteer work-learn opportunities at the farm, garden, and forest for local teens and adults

Winter programming emphasizing nature education, outdoor recreation, and farm crafts