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If you think life is better when neighbors spend time with each other, when kids have a place to unplug and get their hands dirty, when our farming traditions and historic buildings are celebrated, then please support Retreat Farm today!


Through education, recreation and stewardship, Retreat Farm’s 500 acres of conserved woods, fields, trails, and waters connect people to one another and the land. 

Your support is absolutely essential to continuing to restore this property and creating the kind of place that welcomes everyone and contributes to the vibrancy of this region.

Thanks to you, Retreat Farm is creating a place that shares the joys of farming and healthy food, meaningful experiences in nature, and cultural celebrations that bring people together. Together, we are strengthening the physical health of individuals, the social bonds of families and communities, and the economic vitality of the region. Retreat Farm strives to create nourishing, authentic opportunities to learn, play, and grow — strengthening our community ties and fostering a deep appreciation of the land, farmers, and animals that nourish us. 

Your donation will immediately go to work:

  • Keeping visits to the Children’s Farm and Forest affordable for income-eligible families and thousands of school children who visit each year. Low admission fees mean more children can enjoy priceless time with bunnies, chicks, piglets, goats, and sheep.

  • Making dozens of community-building events free and accessible. From Food Truck Roundup to concerts on the Square, these events draw thousands of people who enjoyed delicious local food, Vermont craft beer, and the evocative atmosphere of Retreat Farm. To keep these events going, we need your support.

  • Improving the safety and navigation on the Retreat Trails network. The 9+ miles of trails provide a chance to hike, bike, and be close to nature on a daily basis. Your support will help improve and maintain this critical community asset.

  • Caring for the historic buildings and grounds at Retreat Farm. With 9 historic buildings in constant need of upkeep, your support of Retreat Farm means repaired roofs, new coats of paint, and a beautiful grassy square to enjoy.

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YOU make hands-on farm and nature based experiences accessible to children and adults.

YOU provide free public access to the Retreat Trails and Meadows.

YOU support the restoration and preservation of 500 acres of agricultural land, forest, and wetlands.

YOU provide food, shelter, and daily care to the Farm’s beloved animals.

YOU help restore and repurpose Brattleboro’s historic farmstead as a center for education, recreation, farming, community events, and local land based enterprises.