Groups at the farm

We are now open to school groups and the public for field trips, birthday parties, and special events. You and your group are invited to visit the animals, explore our new nature trail through the woods, investigate new indoor and outdoor play areas, and have snack and lunch at our picnic tables.

Groups of 10 or more get a discounted admission of $4 per person (children and adults). Please make sure there is at least 1 adult for every 5 children. The classroom teacher/event organizer is free. Please email or call 802-490-2270 to schedule your visit.

We are committed to making Retreat Farm accessible to all children regardless of ability to pay. Please email Lu Neuse, Program Director, at to discuss scholarship options.

We offer the following fun and educational WORKSHOPS for a small added cost:

Anatomy of a Cow

From Sunshine to Milk

DRESS UP AS a Chicken


Shelters and Fairy Houses

Tea from the Garden and Landscape                         

$1 per person


Ice Cream Making

Butter Making

Cheese Making

Farm Crafts

cider making

                                                                 $2 per person  

Workshop descriptions

Anatomy of a Cow | preschool - second grade

Learn how a cow processes food and makes milk. We will turn a member of your group into a dairy cow, then meet some real cows and feed them some hay.

From Sunshine to Milk | third - sixth grade

How does sunshine turn into milk and other delicious dairy products?  We will talk about the magic of photosynthesis, the digestive system of a cow, and all energy and effort that goes into the dairy products we enjoy.

Dress up as a Chicken | preschool - first grade

Learn about the food cycle and our amazingly useful friend, the chicken! how a chicken's unique characteristics help it run, fly, find food, and protect itself. 

Pollinator Gardening | any age

Do you love food?  Are you entranced by butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators? In this workshop, we will learn about the magic that turns flowers into food, and discuss the things we can do to help pollinators thrive.  There will probably be some gardening and definitely some fun involved in this workshop.

Tea From the Garden and Landscape | first - third grade

Learn about different kinds of tea, and sample them. Choose different dried herbs and make your own tea bags to take home.

Shelters and Fairy Houses | first - third grade

Learn about dwellings from around the world, and then go into the woods, and learn how to make your own - either a big one for you, or a little one for fairies!

Plant Magic | any age

We’ll talk about seeds and plants and will plant seeds so you can bring some starts to your classroom or school garden. We will do a garden project together, and possibly taste test some of the fruits of the garden.

Ice Cream Making | any age

Taste the sweet simplicity of making your own ice cream here on the farm. Learn what goes into ice cream and what ice cream making has to do with farming.

Butter Making | preschool - kindergarten

What different products come from milk? We’ll share some riddles to get you thinking then use cream to make butter as a group and taste our creation.

Cheese Making | any age

Where did cheese originate? What are the benefits of preserving milk as cheese? You’ll make and enjoy fresh cheese in our kitchen.

Cider Making | any age | September-October

Cider is the taste of fall in Vermont, and it is a classic example of how farmers turn less valuable, imperfect produce into something wonderful. Together we will use our muscles to transform bruised, "utility-grade" apples into delicious cider using a hand-cranked cider press.